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Structural I-Beam Cantilever Storage Rack Systems

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Heavy-Duty Storage with Strength & Durability to Store Products of any Dimension or Weight

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Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack Overview

Dexco® Structural Cantilever Racking Systems offer the strength, durability and layout to store products of practically any dimension or weight. They’re particularly ideal for materials that are wide or bulky, and thus difficult to store on traditional pallet racks. And because we use structural steel, our designs can easily accommodate numerous adjustable arms to maximize your floor space and can be engineered to handle virtually any load.


Industrial Cantilever Shelving Design Features

Dexco Cantilever Storage Racks comprise single- or double-sided columns that support vertically adjustable arms. These arms are bolted securely to the columns and can be angled to retain loads. A horizontal base helps stabilize the structure and supports the bottom load. This type of storage system offers many advantages, including:


Ross builds cantilever racking systems based on the client’s storage needs. Our engineers can determine the ideal bay and beam dimensions to accommodate your company’s materials. Each I-beam cantilever rack also has an open front that increases the range of object lengths that you can store.


The open faces on our I-beam cantilever racks enable easy material transfer to and from each rack. We can develop your racking system with front layouts that optimize movement for your specific materials. Our engineers will consider the equipment that you use and shape of your material to simplify the transfer process.


Both standard and custom cantilever racking designs come with adjustable arms designed to accommodate your company’s materials. They feature mounting locations in the distance intervals you specify which enable you to arrange the rack’s arms at the load heights you need. Adjust arms at 3- or 4-inch increments depending on the design you request. Combined with our custom rack designs tailored to your specifications, these adjustment capabilities provide flexibility when you need to load new materials into your system.


Every Dexco industrial I-beam cantilever racking system is engineered with a modular design that lets you change configurations or increase capacity after the rack’s initial installation. You can add bays to make room for more materials as your storage needs increase.


Cantilever racking systems make good use of limited space and are designed to be cost-effective. Your cantilever shelving unit’s return on investment lies in its ability to improve your productivity. These systems will free up floor space and organize your materials to make your storage operations faster and safer.

Ideal for Challenging Space Layouts and Material Shapes

Dexco cantilever racks can offer solutions for almost any difficult-to-manage storage space. Our custom engineering capabilities enable us to develop cantilever racks that integrate with your workspace and materials. We can also find ways to assist you in storing exceptionally heavy, bulky or unusually shaped materials. Let us create a racking system that resolves your existing space issues.

Increased Vertical Storage

With an I-beam cantilever rack system, you can multiply your vertical storage capacity. By expanding your vertical storage space, you can maximize your facility’s material storage capabilities. You have the ability to extend your storage capacity without using any additional floor space.

Compatibility With Automated Retrieval Systems and Forklifts

A Dexco cantilever rack system integrates well with equipment such as forklifts and automated retrieval systems. Your staff can drive heavy equipment to the racks and optimally access material for pick up or drop off. You can also use a crane or another automated system to carry loads off of and onto the racks. We will work with you to develop a racking configuration that accommodates the material transfer equipment and systems in your facility.

Standard and Custom I-Beam Cantilever Rack Systems Available

Choose from standard designs or custom engineering. Standard designs offer the best value and shortest lead times.

Galvanized Cantilever Racking Option

Customers also love that our cantilever rack storage systems are available in a variety of finishes. Many of our outdoor storage racking clients love that we provide a galvanized option to help with the durability and longevity of their racking systems. Contact us for more information on our available finishes.

I-Beam Cantilever Storage Rack Applications

Businesses in manufacturing, heavy industry and the supply chain use Dexco racks to store materials such as:

Case Studies

JACQUET Mid Atlantic Utilizing Ross Technology Industrial Storage Dexco Racking

Case Study – Utilizing Vertical Space and Optimizing Inventory Management with JACQUET Mid Atlantic

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Technical Data

Dexco Rack Systems are engineered using American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) standards, which were developed to guide the design of large steel structures such as bridges and buildings. The stringent nature of these standards, coupled with Ross Technology’s conservative approach to structural rack design, mean you can be confident that your people and products are safe and secure.

All rack arms and columns are manufactured using wide flange beams with a 50 KSI minimum yield, offering greater strength and durability compared to roll-formed steel. As a result, our racks better resist damage from material handling equipment and provide larger load capacity within a given space.

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