storage racks for composite decking

Storage Racks for Composite Decking Materials

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With composite decking materials weighing as much as 60 pounds or more per cubic foot, manufacturers and distributors require racking systems that can accommodate industrial-weight products. Dexco® racking systems, manufactured by Ross, feature structural I-beam construction and open layouts that accommodate long and heavy materials like decking planks and spindles. As a result, they enable safe and accessible decking material storage. Composite decking and spindle racks from Ross deliver the following benefits to help manufacturers and distributors handle the challenges of storing decking materials:

Indoor and Outdoor Configurations Available

Many decking manufacturers require outdoor composite plank and board storage racks or a combination of indoor and outdoor systems. Ross offers indoor and outdoor cantilever systems that you can customize according to your facility. Dexco shed cantilever racks protect decking materials from weather exposure. They consist of our structural steel cantilever racking with integrated truss beams and metal roofs engineered to site specifications. We can develop a shed racking system that facilitates decking material handling and efficient outdoor operations.


Superior Weight Capacity to Rolled Steel

Traditional storage systems for composite decks are sometimes fabricated with roll-formed steel components that oftentimes do not hold up to repeated industrial use. The wide-flange I-beams used in our cantilever racking construction have a minimum yield of 50 KSI. Racks made with structural high-strength steel beams can hold heavy decking materials more capably than systems made from roll-formed steel.


Ability to Accommodate Different Material Lengths

By storing materials of different lengths in the same system, decking manufacturers and distributors can broaden their handling options and increase their available storage space. A cantilever racking bay has no vertical dividers, enabling the user to store materials of varying lengths on the same unit. As a result, decking manufacturers and distributors can hold multiple product types or different materials in a set in the same bay.


Protection From Material Handling Equipment and Weather Exposure

In indoor and outdoor operations, composite planks and boards can be at risk of damage from equipment or weather. Both our indoor and outdoor cantilever racking systems protect loads from material handling equipment with their durable, structural steel construction. The open-faced arrangement of our cantilever racks provides easy access for forklifts and other material handling machines, reducing the risk of product damage. Our outdoor cantilever racking systems ensure protection from severe weather because of the shelter offered by their metal roof systems.


Space Configurations That Enable Proper Stacking of Decking Material

Composite decking materials require proper stacking to minimize their risk of damage. Our engineers can custom design structural composite decking board racks with the layout required to use your facility’s equipment effectively. As a result, composite decking can be effectively stacked using preferred material handling systems.

Discover Dexco Composite Deck Plank, Deck Spindle and Baluster Storage Racks

For more information about our structural steel cantilever racks and outdoor shed cantilever racking, visit their respective product pages.

To learn more about our decking material racking capabilities and pricing, request a quote online.

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