Dexco® Structural I-Beam Injection Mold Racks

Dexco® Structural I-Beam Injection Mold Racks

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Securing Plastic Molds with Heavy Duty Storage Shelving Fabricated from Premium Steel

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Manufacturing shops that utilize injection molds have different storage considerations for their fixtures than for their materials. An injection mold’s high price and susceptibility to damage require industrial-grade storage racks such as Dexco® racking solutions. Manufactured by Ross, these storage racks for injection molds feature shelving layouts designed specifically for manufacturing fixtures. As a result, they can address typical injection mold storage challenges by incorporating benefits like:


Weight Capacity for Loads Up to 80,000 Pounds or Higher

Dexco racks enable higher storage capacity due to their structural steel construction.  Rack load capacities that exceed typical mold weights allow manufacturers to expand their tooling inventory without redesigning the system. Injection mold racks from Ross can carry up to 80,000 pounds or higher per shelf, and can be designed to your exact specifications. Our custom designs, extensive manufacturing capabilities and use of structural materials enable us to manufacture racking with virtually any capacity.


Maximized Vertical Storage

Typical industrial racking may not be large enough or have sufficient weight capacity to store all of a manufacturer’s molds on multiple shelves, requiring expansion horizontally and the use of valuable floor space. Also, in cases where manufacturers have to store injection mold tooling on the floor, the introduction of Dexco racks can provide vertical storage capacity. Dexco racking features the number of levels and weight capacity that you specify to hold all of your injection molds vertically, allowing you to free up horizontal space for additional equipment, improved accessibility, and additional storage racks. Customers find our mold storage racks great solutions for:

  • Hot & Cold Runner Injection Molds
  • Insulated Runner Molds
  • Single, Multi & Family Cavity Molds
  • Two-Plate/Single Parting and Three-Plate/Double Parting Surface Molds
  • 3D Printed Molds
  • Molds with Moveable Inserts
  • Resin Mold Storage


Improved Efficiency in Fixture Handling and Die Change-Out

If you have inefficiently designed injection mold storage, the time to transport and change molds can result in hours of downtime per day. At Ross, we can recommend and develop a racking system that maximizes the storage space near your equipment.  Improved tooling access can potentially eliminate hours of lost time, increasing production efficiency and profitability.


Custom Dimensions and Layouts for Enhanced Storage Efficiency

Dexco engineers can develop custom racking solutions for your cores, cavities and master unit dies. When you select a system specifically integrated with your manufacturing flow, storage density, mold die access and tooling change time are optimized. Our custom solutions for injection mold racking include:

  • Application-specific dimensions: A manufacturing facility’s site specifications and company policies may necessitate a modified version of our standard racking system. We can visit your site and consult with your team to create a space-efficient rack that meets your standards.
  • Equipment compatibility: Manufacturers that use forklifts can take advantage of our racking systems with fork entry bars. We can also evaluate rack designs and options in relation to more automated material handling equipment or unique die change processes.
  • Vertical obstruction-free design: If you work with multiple sizes of injection molds, a racking system with minimal vertical obstructions allows for varied mold placement, enhancing storage flexibility. Dexco racks can be designed with very wide spans to accommodate your varied storage needs.


Ross — Your Injection Mold Storage Rack Manufacturer

For more information about our Dexco plastic injection mold storage racks, explore our tool and die racking or request a quote online.


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